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Throughout the years the "Hope Store"became the "Hope Tavern".
. In the Spring of 1986 the Hope Tavern was purchased and remodeled to give it a western look.
. April of 1986 "Hope's Country Corners" opened for business.  Later  it was known as "Country Corners".
.Country Corners went on to receive numerous "Nightclub of the Year" awards.  
. Today Country Corners remains a favorite country and western nightclub in the Madison area. 

. The new "Hope Store" was completed and opened for business in the Spring of 1923.
. In 1927 approximately 4 years after opening the store Hwy 12 & 18 was relocated and widened making access to the store impossible. The store was moved back and a new building was constructed.
. The store was completed in 1928 and opened for business. Eventually gas pumps were put in to add a filling station.